Day Care

Day Care


Dog Agility

Dog Agility
First For Dogs

We are a dog day care centre in Crawley Down, West Sussex;
specialising in dog socialisation.

Our Aim

We strive to offer a high level of care for every dog that is with us and to guarantee your peace of mind whilst away from your dog. We do not believe in kennelling up your dog and to deprive them of simple needs such as exercise and socialisation. We aim to offer a home away from home experience, with the added benefit of behavioural improvement work.

Within our care your dog will be able to socialise with a large variety of different dogs, offering your dog the chance to experience a wide range of breed related behaviours. With this experience, your dog can walk into any park with you and feel confident when socialising with other dogs.

Our Facilities

We have a wide range of facilities on offer for the dogs in our care. Our facilities include a private 3-acre exercise paddock, which is completely secure with 6ft high fencing around the whole perimeter. Within our paddock are three large contemporary log cabins, where our dogs can rest or take shelter away from bad weather. The dogs are always kept under supervision whether they are outside playing or inside resting. Furthermore, a full size professional agility course is situated within our exercise paddock and is on offer for any dog that wishes to take part, either within day care or private agility classes.

Dog baths and grooming tables are available for any dog that requires cleaning or basic grooming after activities. This enables us to ensure your dog is clean when they go home. These grooming facilities are also available through our dog grooming service and are managed by our head dog groomer.


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