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Centre For Canine Excellence

First For Dogs began as a dog behaviour service, where its aim was to help dog owners improve their dog’s behaviour and to remove any unwanted behaviours. During this time we noticed that the two key problems with dog owners and their dogs was exercise and socialisation. When a dog doesn’t get enough exercise, they become frustrated and when they don’t get enough socialisation, they become either aggressive or nervous.

First For Dogs arrived at the idea that a service needed to be offered to dog owners, where their dogs can receive exercise, socialisation and basic training throughout the day. Within our day care service, we create a safe and fun environment where your dog can build confidence around other dogs and experience a variety of activities to fulfil their daily exercise needs. Whether it be long countryside walks, playing and running with friends or agility.

First For Dogs staff members are qualified and experienced to ensure that your dogs will receive a luxury service and to create an environment where your dogs can grow into their full potential.



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Dog Care Specialist


Dog Care Specialist