Day Care


£25 Per dog (per day)

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We offer a professional and fun day care for your dog to enjoy, ensuring their happiness and safety at all times. Your dog will always be under supervision by one of our caring First For Dogs staff members, giving you peace of mind when you’re away.

Our Day Care facilities include three acres of private secure land and day care centre. Activities include socialisation, play, training games, treats, toys and affection. This will significantly improve their social skills, fitness and well being, leaving them calm, happy and well behaved at the end of the day. We require all dogs to be assessed at our centre before enrolling them into Day Care. Please call us to make an appointment for a viewing of our facilities and for a member of staff to assess your dog/dogs.
Socialisation is a great way for all dogs to experience something very natural and primal. We make sure any negative behaviour is peacefully removed to maintain a balanced group state. Dogs are able to learn very quickly in a pack, much faster than they do in one to one sessions. Dogs are at their happiest when they are with the pack and some of the transformations are incredibly quick.